A Game of Distraction

Distraction is a laugh-out-loud card game published by ThinkFun, where players take turns drawing number cards and remembering a growing sequence of digits.

Draw a Distraction card and you must answer a quirky question before reciting the numbers in order.

Get caught repeating the sequence incorrectly and collect the cards - the first player to run out of cards wins.

Sound like fun? Time for Kids thinks so too. They picked it as one of their Best of ToyFair 2012!

Dr. Toy liked it too, naming it one of their 10 best games of 2012, and one of their top 100 children's products!

More reviews are at the game's official ThinkFun website.

Distraction is on store shelves now, but you can also buy it online at:
ThinkFun, Fat Brain, or, of course, Amazon.

Published by ThinkFun


Distraction is published by ThinkFun. All images, copyrights and trademarks belong to them.

Live Oak Games was thrilled to work with such a fantastic company, and we highly recommend their entire product line!

Distraction in Action!