Teacher’s Guide to Games

Using games in the classroom is a great way to engage and challenge your students.

That's why we have Teacher's Guidelines.
Click here to view the Teacher's Guidelines for all our games.

If you are looking for a math classroom, try either SiegeStones or Calaboose. Both have a strong core of math and work great to strengthen math skills and a whole lot more. We have posted articles by Aaron Bradford Starr on how to use these games in the classroom:

If you work in the English department, don't despair.
We have a real treat for you. StoryTellers will get your students talking, laughing and telling stories. It's great for teaching the techniques of storytelling, building creativity, and strengthening English.

Click here to see how to use StoryTellers in the classroom!

Games for Educators

Games for Educators is a web site that we run in conjunction with Mary Couzin (the genius behind ChiTag). Whether you're an educator or a parent, you should check it out!

Games for Educators