Game Development

Live Oak Games was founded by back in 2002. Since then, we have spent a lot of time designing, testing, and polishing games.

What does this mean for you? It means we can help with:

  1. Playtesting Games
  2. Game Development and Critique
  3. Writing / Editing Rule

Our game design team consists of two people: Patrick Matthews is the lead game designer and writer, but his wife June has a formidable skillset when it comes to children. Currently a pre-k teacher, she's an LCSW who has also taught social skills and been a camp director.

Beyond them, we are proud to have some of the best playtesters in the country, with well over a hundred years of gaming experience between them.

Web Development

Our founder, Patrick Matthews, has been professionally developing software since the late '80s. In early 2000, he transitioned to doing web develpoment.

You've seen his work on sites like this one, as well as on:

... and a bunch of others.

He specializes in handling the hard stuff (databases, site architecture, AJAX, CMS, custom blogs, etc), but is quite happy putting together small sites as well.


A newspaper columnist for six years, Mr. Matthews had his first novel published in January of 2013.

Though he won't write your novel for you, he is happy to help with: