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It's now official.
We know that you like Ice Lake,
and we certainly know that we like Ice Lake,
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Ice Lake

"A relaxing skate on a winter's day becomes a fast-paced hilarious struggle to outguess your competitors and stay afloat." - Games Magazine

Games Magazine 2004 Games 100: (list of the best 100 games for 2004): Ice Lake is included in the Family Strategy category.

Creative Child Magazine: Seal of Excellence for 2003 and 2004

HomeSchooling From the Heart (April, 2004): Making the Grade: A, Value for your homeschool dollar: 9

"Ready to spice up family game night with a quick fun game? We have really enjoyed our copy of Ice Lake, which was sent to us to review by Live Oak Games" - HomeSchooling From the Heart

An "Afternoon Delight...Ice Lake is a perfect game for a winter afternoon." - Homeschooling Parent Magazine (November-December 2003) (