StoryTellers in the Creative Writing Classroom

Are you an English teacher? Do you have a creative writing class?
If so, you're in for a treat. StoryTellers works great in the classroom - either either as an occasional break or as a regular feature. It will help you encourage your students to write and start focussing on the joys of creative writing.

If you don't have a creative writing class, take a look at these instructions anyway. Bring StoryTellers into your English class for one day and give it a try. You'll find that your students end up writing far beyond your expectations!

Click here for a printable pdf to use in your classroom!

Why use StoryTellers in your class?

Instead of telling a group story, our guidelines show how to have the students each write a story. The students then read the stories aloud. That's when an amazing thing happens. As the students listen to each other read, they are listening for writing techniques that work.

Even better, they reward each other for effective writing. It provides a safe environment for writing, and focuses everyone's attention on what works, instead of what doesn't. Instead of looking for problems (wrong point of view, passive voice instead of active, dangling participles, etc.), the writers are looking for what works - for the strengths in each other's works.

It helps students get excited about writing. It helps them shrug off their insecurities and focus on their own creativity.