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Are you ready for something new? Something adventurous? Welcome to the first new addition to StoryTellers. It's all for you and it's absolutely free. It's something we humbly call...

The Adventure Pack!

The Adventure Pack is a pack of 53 all-new storylines. These are stories of adventure, featuring 11 completely new heroes:

Of course, these are just the beginnings of the stories that you will create!

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Why Aren't We Charging for This?

Yes, yes, we know. Everyone tells us we should sell the additional storyline packs - but we just don't play that way. So keep checking back here. Every couple months, we'll post a new pack of Storylines for you to use.

In exchange, we'd love to hear from you about them. Also, if you have some of your own storylines you'd like to contribute, e-mail us!