Skate Circles Around Your Friends!

It's time for the Annual Ice Lake Races!

So strap on your skates and plan your course across the ice - because this race isn't about moving fast. It's about not falling through.

See that guy skating around you? Better not let him complete that circle.


"A relaxing skate on a winter's day becomes a fast-paced hilarious struggle to outguess your competitors and stay afloat"
- Games Magazine

Ice Lake!

Ice Lake is a light-hearted strategy game that has been delighting adults and kids alike for years now. It was the game that started our company, and continues to grow and grow in popularity.

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More Information about Ice Lake

This ice is thin, dangerously thin. As you skate, you leave behind cracks in the ice. And you really don't want to be surrounded by cracks.

That is, not unless you brought a wet-suit. And a lot of hot chocolate.