Siege Stones

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More games to play with SiegeStones

The top three games are the award winners (MunchStones won), so you might want to start with them. Also, I want to give special mention to Nobles and Peasants. Even though it wasn't a prize winner, it was one of my personal favorites.

Thanks to everyone for their great designs!

  1. MunchStones by Jeff Morrow
  2. Topotics by John Walsh
  3. Colossus by Aaron Starr
  4. Charge by Patrick Matthews
  5. Nobles and Peasants by Yehuda Berlinger
  6. Bluff Stones by Jeff Morrow
  7. Pillars of Faith by Clark Redeffer
  8. Angry Gods by Aaron Starr

So much fun!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their games. The competition is over, but if you have a great game can be played with only what is in the SiegeStones box, let Pat know! We'll give it a play, and if we have fun, we'll publish it here.